a digital woven textile image resource for professional, independent designers and educational users

what is scotcloth?

It is the ultimate tool for both amateur and professional textile designers and innovators, based on the globally known ScotWeave computer aided design and management system.

what can it do?

At it’s simplest it can be used to view a comprehensive library of textile images over a range of categories.  At it’s more complex, the system will allow the designer to engineer designs to their own requirements by altering colour, weave, scale and dimension.  The system generates the technical manufacturing details which can be sent, along with the image directly to the manufacturer

  • Print images of any design produced
  • Print manufacturing information including all colours with Pantone references
  • The original designs are owned by Scotcloth.  Any new designs produced can be saved to your files, are your property and are unique to your organisation.

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what are the benefits?

  • increase creative design options
  • easy to use with very little training required
  • improves productivity and reduces development time and costs
  • improves communication and reduces confusion over specification
  • reduces courier costs, which also helps to reduce the carbon footprint

would you like a free trial?

Scotcloth designer is compatible with PC’s and can be used with a MAC using Windows 10 and Paralells.  No special hardware is required and the total download is 30mb.